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Land Investment, Land Development & Residential Developments

The land development services specialise in the sale and acquisition of land and property with potential for residential development or re-development.

Introduction to land acquisition and development

With over 15 years of land & property experience, the land development services team have a track record in assisting clients in achieving above-market value for their land & development projects across the South East, particularly London and Surrey.


The land development services team works with private individuals, land owners, developers, regional and national housebuilders and social housing providers on sites from a single detached property through to large multiple-unit residential development schemes.

Land Investment and Property Acquisition Expertise

    • Acquisition and disposal of land & property
    • Site assessments
    • Viability studies
    • Development appraisals for Land and Property Owners
    • Option Agreements
    • Land Assemblies
    • Unconditional sales
    • Subject-to-planning deals
    • Maximising property and land values
    • Advising on obtaining planning permission
    • Marketing existing buildings, brown and green field sites (either with or without planning consent)
    • On and off-market development opportunities
    • Conversions of existing properties

Retained Client Services

Land development services offer a retained client service for property developers of both commercial and residential developments, looking to source a range of development opportunities.

Examples of Sites Suitable for Redevelopment

Garden plots, petrol stations, warehouses, commercial property, office buildings, redundant buildings and farmland.

About Us

The team undertakes projects big and small for their clients. With a background as contractors and project managers plus years of building surveying and Party Wall expertise, the land development services London team is able to plan and ensure your projects are completed in a timely, cost-efficient manner in line with local regulations. Give the land development services London team a call today to discuss your project and find out how they can assist.

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A former church, which has been converted into residential apartments, was plagued by water ingress and mold through the windows and roof. The job was a difficult one in that the origin of the incoming water proved very difficult to locate for each case due to the complex structure of the building. However, all box gutters were provided with new lead linings. Other rainwater drainage items and roof tiles were replaced and windows repaired.

Damp in the flats were caused by a combination of rising and lateral damp through the porous sandstone exterior of the former church—this required specialist internal damp proofing. The project was extended to nearly double its anticipated duration due to the client adding more and more instructions for repair. In the end, the job was completed within budget and to the satisfaction of clients.


A time-critical job, which had Christmas Day as the deadline: this project involved replacing all windows in the block, repairing all powder-coated steel balustrades, and external redecoration.

Even though the job was plagued by heavy snow and unusually low temperatures, the works were completed just in time for the holidays and, of course, on budget.

A very complex job: Randolph Avenue is a listed building in a conservation zone of London’s Maida Vale. The works generally comprised a complete overhaul of all sash windows, repair of cornices, stucco work, and redecoration of the front and rear elevations.

The rear did not offer access, so the rear scaffold had to be built by carrying every pole over the roof. Solar paint was applied to the roof, and various joinery repairs were carried out. The job suffered from freezing and rainy weather, which extended the total duration by 2 weeks. However, the job was completed successfully.


The works comprised a complete overhaul of all sash windows and casement windows of the block. Exterior access was not restricted; however, access to the inside of the apartments for the redecoration of the windows requires close coordination with occupiers.

Exterior access was obtained by cherrypicker and tower scaffolding, which was moved along the perimeter as the works progressed. The job was completed on time and within budget.


This particular building is located in the heart of busy Soho. The property featured a protruding rounded glass bay over the upper floors, suffering from water ingress through the rubber seals and from the various stone features surrounding the bays.

The job was made difficult because of the numerous parking and highway restrictions in Soho. A deadline for scaffolding was set for 1-week maximum.

Nevertheless, a solution was found for the various leaking glass panels and roof. The job was finished within 1 week as required.

A vast estate in North London: Penrose house is home to 41 apartments. The works comprised a complete overhaul of over 200 windows and other minor repairs.

The majority of the windows were the sash window type. The repairs to the joinery and the redecoration of the windows required complex coordination with each flat owner to gain internal access. The job was completed successfully.

This particular block located in Parnell Road, London E3, was a straightforward job of redecorating all windows and replacing sealant rubbers for each.

The building had scaffold front and rear and, following the ever complex coordination with occupiers to gain internal access, the job was completed well before the deadline and within budget.

The works comprised of a complete refurbishment of a stylish bar/restaurant in Knightsbridge. The entire restaurant was fitted out with a new bar, stools, and kitchen.

Total replacement of all electrical and plumbing systems was also required. The exterior was remodelled with a new logo on the front gable, a new terrace fitted with an electrical canopy, planters, and heaters.

The job took longer than expected because of client design changes during the works. The works were nonetheless completed to the satisfaction of the parties involved.

A retirement home: Mantle Court needed its 30 retirement apartments kitchens replaced.

The job required to be completed within 6 weeks, which meant that one kitchen had to be ripped out and replaced in one day, every day. This also included some tiling and decoration.

Access to each apartment was complex since the occupiers were not being relocated. Often, appointments were ignored or missed.

Good communication with the managing agent allowed the works to catch up for 30 kitchens to be fitted within 30 working days.


The reinstatement of two apartments with steel cladding and large terraces following fire damage was particularly challenging.

The two apartments were additions to the 5th and 6th floor, and the fire had irreparably damaged the left flank of the roof extension. Additionally, the terrace and the flat roof insulation underneath had been damaged.

The building would have been left exposed to the weather to demolish these burnt items, and a roofed scaffold was therefore constructed.
The roof extension needed many of its steel cladding segments replaced.

The two apartments needed to be refurbished entirely due to the smoke, and new roof insulation and timber decking were installed. A large motor and extraction fan for the smoke extraction system was relocated.

Although marginally past the deadline, works were carried out to the satisfaction of the Insurance Company and the Freeholder.


A very complex and involved job: Compayne Gardens comprised a complete overhaul and replacement of rainwater drainage system, roof and chimney repairs, construction of earth retaining wall, and the refurbishment of one of the apartments.

Access to roof and higher sectors could only be achieved by the entire scaffold, which was cost-prohibitive. A high cherrypicker was opted for instead.

Despite complications to access caused by parked cars, highway restrictions, and a narrow passage on the side of the building to the rear, the job was completed.


Large and complex maintenance of the entire building and rebuilding of parts thereof; the works comprised of rebuilding chimney stacks in Victorian replica bricks, reconstruction of the rear veranda, reconstruction of the front red brick bay windows, installation of support beams in collaboration with an engineering bureau, sash window overhaul, and complete internal and external redecoration.

The job was completed on time and within budget.

Professional Standards

Our panel of experts are regulated by the following regulatory bodies including but not limited to: the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), The Property Ombudsman (TPO), Society of Operations Engineers (SOE), Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE), Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors (FPWS), the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

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