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Using Sheep’s Wool As Insulation

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Sheep's Wool is the sustainable option

Sheep’s wool is “shorn” from sheep, sometimes up to twice a year. It grows back as long as the sheep are well-fed. 


Sheep’s wool is a strong insulator due to 1000s of years of natural selection. The wool’s fibres form millions of tiny air pockets that trap air and slow the transfer of temperatures. 


Here are the main reasons sheep’s wool is a much more sustainable option than traditional house insulation. 

  • It generally has a short journey from farm to house as it’s usually sourced from local farms. 
  • It grows naturally on sheep.
  • At the end of it’s life it can be used as compost. 
Disclaimer – you must ensure your wool is being sourced responsibly and from a regulated source to avoid the risk of coming into contact with “anthrax“.
Sheep Wool as sustainable house insulation

A brief guide on how to use sheep's wool as insulation.

Stewart is an incredibly passionate and diligent surveyor who primarily works in property and natural conservation, he is based in Newcastle, UK.

Sheep wool is a sustainable and cost-effective way of insulating your home. However, it needs to be installed properly and safely, here are the steps you should consider: 

  1. Clean your wool
  2. Treat the wool with Borax
  3. Install the wool and make sure it’s tightly packed.

You should also consider the depth thicknesses that the wool is sold in. It’s sold in mm such as 80mm or 100mm to make up 270mm which is the required thickness of insulation as outlined in building regulations. 


Sheep’s wool can be used as loft insulation, exterior walls insulation or “stud partition wall” insulation. Learn out installing sheep’s wool insulation


Here is a YouTube video on how to install.


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