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Full Building Surveys - Renovation Planning

The team of chartered building surveyors or accredited/qualified experts specialise in delivering a building survey service tailor-made for you and your individual full structural survey requirements. Discover how our building surveys can help you plan property amends.

How a building survey can help you plan building projects?

By conducting a building survey before undertaking a building project, you can gather essential information, identify potential challenges, and make informed decisions. This ultimately enables you to complete renovation planning effectively, ensure compliance with regulations, manage costs, and achieve the desired outcome with minimal disruptions.

building materials assessment
building materials assessments

Areas a building survey can help you plan your renovation and building projects?

A building survey can assist in building project and renovation planning in several key areas:


Structural Analysis: a building survey provides a detailed assessment of the property’s structural integrity. It identifies any existing issues such as subsidence, cracks, or weaknesses in the walls, floors, or roof. This information helps you plan renovations or building projects by addressing structural concerns and ensuring a stable foundation for your project.


Building Regulations Compliance: building surveys assess whether the property complies with current building regulations. They identify any areas that require modifications or upgrades to meet legal requirements. 


Space Utilisation and Layout: building surveys provide accurate measurements, floor plans, and details about the existing layout of the property. This information helps you plan your renovation or building project by optimizing the use of available space. 


Services and Utilities: a building survey examines the condition of services and utilities within the property, such as electrical systems, plumbing and heating. Understanding the condition of these systems helps you allocate resources and time for repairs, replacements, or improvements.


Building Materials and Finishes: the survey provides insights into the construction materials and finishes used in the property. This information is valuable for planning renovations or building projects to ensure compatibility and continuity with existing materials. 


Budgeting and Cost Estimation: building surveys help in developing accurate budget estimates for your renovation or building project helping you plan your budget effectively, allocate funds for different aspects of the project, and avoid unexpected financial burdens.


Project Timeline and Sequencing: understanding the scope of work through a building survey aids in creating a realistic project timeline.

Why Choose The Building Survey Service?

When using the building survey services, there are a number of things you can expect, including:

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    • Extensive internal training and skill sharing
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    • Reliable & Communicative
    • Extremely Knowledgeable
    • Members of Several Awarding Bodies
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Professional Standards

Our panel of experts are regulated by the following regulatory bodies including but not limited to: the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), The Property Ombudsman (TPO), Society of Operations Engineers (SOE), Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE), Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors (FPWS), the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

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If you are interested in a building survey, speak to one of the Chartered Building Surveyors and/or accredited/qualified specialists regarding building and renovation projects. Or, if you have any general queries about getting how a building survey can prepare you for building or renovation planning, please reach out to us.