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Affiliate Scheme with Prince Surveyors

We offer an affiliate scheme which pays out fees to affiliates who send us surveying work.

  • Accessible

    Through the exclusive Partnership Scheme, commercial and residential services are easily accessible to all.

  • Rewarding

    We pay you commission on the value of each job referred to us in the following month.

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    The team’s experts have extensive knowledge and training, so you can rest assured knowing you're in good hands.

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The Affiliate Scheme

The Affiliate Scheme is a new commitment to forming an alliance with Blue Chip companies and other businesses, particularly solicitor firms across the U.K. The overarching aim of the scheme is to encourage your clients to use the team’s commercial and residential services with VIP care and which you would be rewarded for.


Founded in 2014, the team comprises a network of multi-disciplinary experts who can organise a wide range of surveying and consultation services such as:

Discounts and Referral Fees

The Affiliate Scheme gives eligible companies a 5% discount, which can be used in the form of referral fees and paid to you monthly. For the companies that can not accept payments on referrals due to internal policies, we simply offer your referrals 5% discount. Just let us know whom you are referring by email us at

Let's Get in Touch

Contact the Partnership Management Team today for more information on how to get set up on the scheme.

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