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Prince Surveyors is actively looking for new surveyors to join their panel.

Graduated Surveyors
Accredited Building Surveyors
Quality Assurance Surveyors

Panel Opportunities

On Prince Surveyors’s panel, you will have the opportunity to flourish on a bright professional path with a friendly team that provides quality and excellence.


Prince Surveyors is a fast-growing and ambitious company looking for like-minded members to join the team. We enable surveyors to refine their skills and improve their levels of professionalism. It is important that team members feel that they develop and progress. The motivation and involvement of team members is extremely important, which is why they earn very well.

Join Our Team

Every buildings tells us a story...we want to hear yours.

Our Vision

Surveyors on our panel want to be the number one in the UK. We have a large library of online courses and endeavour to create the largest surveying knowledge hub outside of a university degree. At Prince Surveyors, knowledge is power. 


The team aims to have the largest community impact in the areas covered and they cultivate an attitude of continuous professional development. 


We celebrate the social causes that the team financially supports in charity and the work that they undertake for the community.

Advancement Opportunities

The team earns more and grows more with:

Summer Internship Program