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Why Should You Consider Joining Your Local Homeowners Association?

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Homeowners Associations (HOA) are often considered expensive and obsessed with rules, and, as with any organisation, they can occasionally be considered difficult to work with. 


However, they can also be handy in many ways and can make life as a homeowner much easier. 


A well-managed HOA typically takes care of things like your home’s landscaping, exterior aesthetics, and overall property upkeep. 


This can be invaluable to homeowners, especially considering how hectic our day-to-day lives can be. 


If you plan to join your HOA board, a good place to start would be attending meetings. Every HOA community is different. Some hold meetings once a week; others once a month. 


To find out more about your HOA, contact the property manager for details and/or ask your neighbours for information.


Now, let’s take a look at some reasons why you should consider joining your HOA.


Help Protect the Community’s Property Value


One of the primary roles of the HOA is to help preserve the community’s property values by managing the maintenance and upkeep of the individual homes or flats, as well as the grounds. 


If the landscaping is well taken care of, then the properties are more likely to uphold their value or, in some cases, increase in value!


Obviously, being involved in the HOA gives you more control over these maintenance decisions and, therefore, more control over your home’s value.


If you are having problems with your HOA, you can find more info on dealing with that here.

Get to Know Your Neighbours

A great way to meet neighbours and make friends is to get involved in your HOA, especially if you’re new to the neighbourhood.


An important part of moving to a new area is getting to know those who live around you, especially in communities that run an HOA. 


This can be a difficult and stressful experience for many since it involves meeting many strangers in a short period and putting yourself out there in ways you might not be comfortable with. 


An HOA essentially streamlines this process. Each meeting you attend will be filled with dozens of like minded members of your community who are as interested in maintaining and improving their surroundings as you are. 


This makes it much easier to get to know your new neighbours and help you make new friends.


Attending HOA meetings, discussing issues, and planning events together will bring you closer to your community and help you feel more at home.

You Have the Power to Change Rules and/or Make New Ones

Any rules seem too lax or too harsh? Are you annoyed by the fact that you can’t bring food to the community pool area? Or that your neighbour is throwing loud parties every weekend? 


If you feel that the rules need to be changed or new rules need to be implemented, joining your HOA board is a step towards modifying the HOA rule book. 


At the very least, you should attend your HOA meetings to make your opinions known.


Joining will give you a lot more sway in meetings and give you more power to help protect your property’s value and the area it is in.


The HOA has a hand in keeping your property as resalable as possible, and with you on the board, you will be able to contribute to deciding how this will be managed.


You Can Fix Problems in the Community


Whether it’s a problem with neighbours, landscaping, or expensive water bills, HOA meetings give residents a platform to address important issues. 


If you’ve heard the same complaint from more than one neighbour, try creating a petition and/or coming up with solutions to the problem. 


Being a part of the HOA board allows you to fix problems and change things for the better.

Develop Leadership Skills

Want to sharpen your leadership skills in a low-pressure environment? Perhaps joining your HOA board may be the proper decision for you. 


Participating on the HOA board will teach you problem-solving and strategic thinking skills. It will also allow you to polish your public speaking and negotiation skills – all of which help build and develop your leadership abilities.

Plan Community Events and Social Activities

Join your HOA board to help plan and set up social events and activities to bring people together. 


Association barbecues, family-friendly outdoor movie nights, chili cook-offs, and holiday parties are all great excuses to socialize and get to know your neighbours. 


If planning parties is something you fancy, then your HOA may need your event planning expertise.

Add Volunteer Experience to Your Resume

If you’re looking to level up your resume, what better way than with some volunteer work?


Adding volunteer positions, such as an HOA board member, looks great on a resume. Any employer would be happy to see that you’re working hard to improve your neighbourhood and overall quality of life.

Final Word

Several perks come with living in an HOA community. 

  • Your utilities are generally included in your HOA fee, simplifying your monthly bill payments 
  • Residents of an HOA community benefit from monthly socials and events, making it easier to meet friends and neighbours 
  • You get access to several amenities. Many HOA neighbourhoods include golf courses, tennis courts, community parks, swimming pools, fitness clubs, and more  

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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